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As soon as you get here, you must get out.

There is so much to do in Belize. Whether your style is do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me, the opportunities to see and experience the natural beauty, history, and contemporary culture of our area. You can have one of those vacations where you totally wear yourself out!


  Snorkeling. Just one of the many wondrous activities Placencia has to offer.  The Ocean floor, full of life and excitement. Your licensed guide will take you to fabulous locations to see Belize’s marine life. . <More details>
  Diving. With the world’s second longest barrier reef just 18 miles directly east of you, the underwater possibilities are endless.  <More details>
  Dive instruction and certification.There is nothing like breathing for the first time underwater; get certified in as little as three days, or take a course to advance your skills and enhance your enjoyment of diving. <More details>
  Try a dive. Why is everyone so excited about diving? Well here your chance to see.  Do a “discover dive” this is a real dive with a certified dive instructor, a great way to find out what all your scuba diving friends get so excited about! And if you like it, then advance on with scuba certification.  <More details>
  Fishing. Bonefish, tarpon and permit fish are abundant, and it might look easy when you can see the fish right in front of you, but tempting it on to your hook is another matter altogether.  Placencia’s guides know just where to go to give you the best shot at a big fish, or just something for dinner. Or venture outside the barrier reef on a boat equipped for those conditions. <More details>
  Cockscomb Basin and other nature reserves. These lush jungles are awaiting your exploration.  A guide can take you deep into the forest, where you’ll see many species of native plants and animals as well as beautiful waterfalls and dramatic scenery. <More details>
  Monkey River and Manatee tours. Join a boat tour or kayak up the Monkey River where you’ll see – you guessed it – monkeys! The Howler Monkeys to be specific, loud as ever and can be heard from miles away. <More details>
  Maya sites. The relics of once a diverse Mayan Culture are at your fingertips via easy day trips from the Maya Beach Hotel. This can include excursions to Maya sites and villages, and can also be combined with other activities such as caving.  <More details>
  Cave tours. Enter Xibalba, the “Place of fear”. The Maya underworld awaits you. Cool off by spelunking, hiking, swimming or floating through one of Belize’s fantastic underground cave systems. <More details>
  Zipline. Woo hoo!  Fly with bird through the canopies. Enjoy the scenery from above with one of the several Ziplines in Belize. They can often be combined with other cave, river & jungle activities. <More details>

Massage and other spa services. Need a day to tranquilize and rejuvenate yourself? If the answer is yes, and a delicious rum drink isn’t enough, then the Maya Beach Hotel can arrange everything from a private masseuse to larger resort spa day.  <More details>

Chocolate, Spice, and Banana Farm Tours. A variety of options exist for experiencing the farming of these important crops in Belize. Combine a farm tour with ruins or the jungle, or see several farms in depth. <More details>

  Swimming. What’s more convenient than having the Caribbean Sea right at your feet? (Other  than having a Muddled Mind signature drink delivered to you in the pool).  The Ocean bed is beautiful and shallow for a few hundred feet in front of the Maya Beach Hotel. The sandy bottom makes it easy to spot many of the small fish and occasional crustaceans. We haven’t seen it yet, but a lobster could walk right up to the beach and offer itself for your dinner!
  Kayaking and snorkeling. Feeling energized? Then take that energy and paddle one of our complimentary kayaks out to False Caye, approximately one mile away from the hotel. Take along your snorkeling gear and have a look at the coral and other underwater life surrounding the small Island. The hotel maintains a small supply of snorkeling gear, but you may want to bring your own to ensure you get the size and fit you need.
  Bicycling. On a laid back day when you’re taking a break from organized tours, take a short ride up or down the road to one of the other nearby resorts for lunch, or spend the day riding to Seine Bight or all the way to Placencia Village. It’s impossible to get lost, since only one road serves the peninsula. Take a bird & animal guide along, you be surprised at what you may see.
  Placencia Village. Picture it. Placencia. White sandy beaches, with no shoes, no suits and yes service. Only 8 miles away from the Maya Beach Hotel by bike, bus, car or taxi.  Visit one or the popular watering holes, and a have delectable lunch and a chit chat with one of the Creole fishermen .  Ask our Front Desk for some recommendations – we all have different favorites!
  Seine Bight Village. Hear a murmur of drums drifting on the wind? If you do, it’s coming from Seine Bight village, just 3 miles from the Maya Beach Hotel. You can experience the Garifuna culture. You might catch some traditional drumming and dancing. A few small restaurants let you sample Garifuna cooking, and a popular artist named Lola also works from her studio in Seine Bight.
  Self-Drive Bird watching. Belize is home to more than 500 species of birds. Many of them make their homes in the coastal areas of Belize, including Placencia Peninsula and the nearby cayes.  It begins right outside your wind and continues by hopping on one our guest complimentary bicycle or walking the peninsula to try and spot the birds in the Maya Beach area. Help us create our Bird listing by telling the Front Desk what your seen and where.
  Self-drive. ROAD TRIP! Most of the Maya ruins and parks like Cockscomb are accessible by car. Often you can find an on-site guide once you get there. If you like to do things this way, please bring a map or a good guide book with maps of the local areas.
  Driving from Belize City.If you arrive to the international airport early in the day or if you are traveling here from another part of Belize, you might find it interesting to make a stop at the Belize Zoo (between Belize City and Belmopan) or the Blue Hole National Park (on the Hummingbird Highway). Check our MAP page for directions.

Self-Drive Farm Tour.Wondering where we get some of local ingredients from for our heavenly luscious food here at the Maya Beach Hotel? Why not take a farm tour? See how Mrs. Marie Sharps make her award winning pepper sauce, or taking in the smells from the spice farm or wonder where your bananas come from? Might be Belize! <More details>



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