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Valentine Wine & Dine 2013

50 diners X 9 courses = 450 plates of food + 450 half glasses of wine = ± 1800 visits to the table by waiters. The Bistro staff performed marvelously, putting together what most repeat Wine & Diners called the best-ever. Chefs Mary Kay Bader and John Lee, and FOH manager Ellen Lee, spent a month working on ideas, tasting, and adjusting recipes. Then, they repeatedly selected and tried wines with each dish until complementary relationships were discovered. The final menu was published just one day before the event, but by then all seats had already been reserved.


Hey, looks like a good day for a marathon. Whatcha think?

Bright and early this morning the Bistro staff and neighbors set up our water station. Elvis and Akeem built the quickest Tiki Bar ever, and we doled out bananas, oranges, water, and a homemade electrolyte drink. The first half-marathon runners passed us just after 5:30 am, and the last full-marathoner passed by our better-than-water station at around 9am. It was fun to participate in Placencia’s first, and hopefully not last, Marathon!