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Yes, you need a little more than a bikini.


  1. Flashlight or headlamp (for walking at night or occasional power outages). Keychain LEDs are handy too!
  2. A hat. The sun is hot!
  3. Umbrella and rain poncho.
  4. Swim suit!
  5. Prescription meds. There is a pharmacy in Placencia but it may not carry your prescription.
  6. Small first-aid kit for cuts, scrapes, burns, stings.
  7. Water shoes or sport sandals with heel straps (required on some tours). Socks if you are doing the ATM tour.
  8. Lightweight, casual clothing. T-shirts and shorts are welcome everywhere.
  9. Camera, and don’t forget your charger or extra batteries.
  10. A hairdryer if you need one. We do not provide them in the rooms.
  11. Baby needs, ie. car seat, portable crib, safety gear for tours.
  12. Small denomination US $ bills – they can be used interchangeably with Belize dollars for tips, and in smaller shops and restaurants. US $ are not a problem but some places may have difficulty changing them into smaller denominations.
  13. A sense of humor.


  1. Beach towels: We provide them.
  2. Iron:  Wrinkled is OK around here! But if you must iron, you can borrow one from the front desk.
  3. Insect repellent: Common brands of DEET-based repellents are available in the local stores and even in the hotel gift shop.
  4. Sunscreen: Again, several brands are available in the local shops and hotel gift shop. If you have special needs, though (ie for young children), you may consider bringing some anyway.


  1. Expensive electronics or jewelry. While most of our accommodations have in-room safes, it is better not to tempt fate with things you may not need.
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