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Sous Chef Andre Ramirez

Andre’s experience in Belize kitchens includes around six years with the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro.

Andre2A true leader, Andre sets the bar for the kitchen staff. Under pressure, with waiters pressuring and John stressing, Andre somehow manages to keep the peace and ensure that every dish coming from his station is made with the utmost care.

Andre realized at a young age that tourism was a growing opportunity on the Peninsula, and he decided to pursue a kitchen job. He likes the behind-the-scenes action. Prior to the Bistro, Andre worked at Roberts Grove, and then spent a year getting his own Garifuna-Creole restaurant off the ground. He enjoyed that challenge and learned a lot about restaurant management in the process, but decided to advance himself by learning more about contemporary cuisine at the Bistro.

Both Chef John and Chef Mary Kay are impressed with Andre’s dedication to his craft.

“You can always count on him to be there, and that the job is always done right,” John said. “He is very open minded and take his responsibility seriously.”

Andre says that’s the same attitude he recommends to young Belizeans trying to get a foot in the door.


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