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The luckiest people on earth.

John Lee and Ellen Larson Lee feel like they’re the luckiest people on the planet. They are able to live on the beach, in beautiful weather, and spend their days making people happy.

People who have known John and Ellen for a long time can attest to the fact that the enjoyment of good food and wine has been a big part of their lifestyle for many years. In their annual travels, they are constantly on the lookout for new culinary experiences that get them thinking about their own menu. You’ll see some subtle influences on the menu from living, working and traveling to places like Asia, Australia, Europe, and especially the Americas.

John runs the kitchen. He’s developed and co-developed the menu, and has worked side-by-side with his kitchen staff to create an amazing team of aspiring Belizean chefs. But prior to this, John’s background was, of all things, electrical/telecom engineering! Perhaps that engineering aptitude is what makes it all come together in the kitchen.

Ellen’s background might have something to do with the way the front-end works, as well. She learned from many years in the advertising and marketing industry that getting somebody through the door is just the first step, and that it takes an excellent product to get them to refer friends and return themselves. Ellen takes on the quality control role in both the hotel and the restaurant.

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