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The following tours were found based on your request. To ensure a place on any of these tours, we suggest that you book them in advance of your visit. Should you decide to book, please indicate the tour(s) you are interested in, the dates you prefer, and your hotel reservation number (starting with GK, found on your email confirmation). Please note that these are tours offered by licensed tour operators in our area, they are not operated by the hotel. Therefore details, including pricing, might change. Note: your browser must accept cookies to see the search results.


ATM Cave

After a 2.5 hour drive, then a 45-minute hike through the jungle, you put on a helmet and headlamp and start swimming, walking, and crawling through passegeways in a cave filled with artifacts, including ceremonial vessels and human remains, believed to have been in the cave for centuries.
Duration: 11-12 hrs
Cost: US $195-215: - Price varies by tour operator; includes transfers to/from hotel, lunch, guides, and 12.5% tax.
Min PAX: 4

Blue Creek Cave and Southern Ruins

The Hokeb Ha cave in Blue Creek Village had a ceremonial use centuries ago. Today, you can enter the cave and swim, wade, and crawl up river to reach small waterfalls in the cave. (Your headlamp and guide show you the way).Before you do that, though, you'll stop atone of two Maya sites in the area; Nim Li Punit or Lubantuun. You'll learn a lot about Mayan history on this tour, and also see how modern Maya live in the villages of the Toledo district.
Duration: 8-9 hours
Cost: US $105-115: - Price varies by tour operator; includes transfers to/from hotel, lunch, guides, and 12.5% tax.
Min PAX: 4

Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw

Float through underground caves rich in stalagmites and stalactites, as you learn about geology, biology, archeology and anthropology. A lot of big words, but a big day of fun to back it up. The cave tour begins with a nature hike of approximately 1/2 mile to the launching point.
Duration: 9-10 hrs
Cost: USD $100-125:- Price varies by tour operator; includes gear, transfers to/from hotel, lunch and 12.5% tax.
Min PAX: 4

Crystal Cave

Quite possibly the most spectacular entry into a cave in Belize involves ropes, helmets, and bravery! Rappel into the Crystal Cave one at a time into the dark depths of the Maya underworld. Pottery, skeletal remains, and intriguing tales of history and mystery.
Duration: 8-10 hrs
Cost: USD $200
Min PAX: 4
*Tour is available for fewer than 4 guests at a surcharge. Please ask at the Front Desk for details.




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