TripSaavy puts us on the map

It’s nice to be named as one of the top 10 restaurants in Belize! If you haven’t ever seen TripSaavy, have a look at their travel articles that help you hone in on the best of anywhere.

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On the list of this author’s favorite restaurants

Kristina and Michael’s blog, Off Path Travels, highlights the Bistro as its favorite in the area!

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Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2018

We found out Wine Spectator is giving us another Restaurant Award this year! You can find us on their App (iPhone or Android) or on their website. Why not join us for a glass of wine at the Bistro?

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Chef Mary Kay Bader

John Lee had been our chef since we opened in 2004. He and Ellen created the menu, updated it along the way, and managed every aspect of the cuisine and operations of the Bistro as it grew. But the Read more

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Sous Chef Brandon Requena

Brandon circa 2011

Brandon has been with the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro for seven years. His is a true success story.

Originally hired as a dishwasher, Brandon was always reliable, helpful, and careful. He was quickly pulled from the Read more

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