There are a large number of tours, from many tour operators, that give you a glimpse of the natural beauty, cultural diversity, and history of Belize. This list includes some of the most commonly requested tours in the area, and our Front Desk staff are able to contact any Gold Standard tour operator on your behalf to set up your preferred tours. Pricing does change from time to time and varies between tour operators, so we are able to help you find the right tour within your budget.
Diving and Snorkeling
Silk CayesThree small islands, also known as the Queen Cayes, is in the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve, just 300 yards inside the Barrier Reef. It's well known for seeing eagle rays as well as all the colorful reef fish. Walk-in snorkeling is great for inexperienced or physically limited guests. Divers especially appreciate the North Wall and the predator fish as well as the beautiful reef fish in this protected marine reserve.Divers: USD $145 and up
Snorkelers: USD $90 - $115
Extra stop for snorkeling with turtles, rays and sharks.
Laughing BirdLaughing Bird Caye is the southern most island in the central lagoon of the Belize Barrier Reef. This long narrow isle stands on an elongated ridge of reef known as a faro, also known as a shelf atoll. Like an atoll, a faro is steep sided and encloses a central lagoon. The Laughing Bird Faro is separated from the mainland, the barrier reef and other cayes by deep channels on all sides. The uniqueness of this structure contributes to both the abundance and variety of coral habitats and marine life. Diving is excellent for all levels and walk-in snorkeling is great for inexperienced or physically limited guests. Divers: USD $145 and up
Snorkelers: USD $85 - $115
Less travel time than some of the other sites.
Island Hopping Fish and SnorkelVisit remote islands for pristine snorkeling, and fish a little too.USD $125 per personMinimum 4 people
Glover's ReefDiving at Glover's Atoll is a highlight for many divers visiting Belize. Besides deep water and large fish, colorful, dramatic formations characterize the World Heritage Site approximately 30 miles from Placencia. It is an area that can be visited more than once with different experiences each time. While divers explore dramatic coral reef walls and passageways, snorkelers experience a reef teeming with wildlife from the surface. Glovers Reef is an atoll (a coral "ring" surrounding a lagoon)approximately 30miles from Placencia, outside the barrier reef.Divers: USD $190 and up
Snorkelers USD $120 and up
A longer ride and longer day for adventurous snorkelers.
SouthwaterSouth Water Marine Reserve is Belize's largest protected area, so marine life abounds. There is a ridge along the reef, running the entire length of the reserve. This ridge provides for excellent diving, and your captain and dive master choose spots along the ridge that make you feel like you have the whole ocean to yourselves.
Divers: USD $145 and up
Snorkelers: USD $90 and up
Minimum 4 people
Great Blue HolePerhaps the most famous diving destination in the Caribbean, the Blue Hole is a round limestone sinkhole (1/4 mile diameter, 480 feet deep) in the area known as Lighthouse Reef. Diving the Blue Hole, which was once a cave, you'll cave structures such as stalactites as well as large marine life. Two additional dives in the Lighthouse Reef area complete the day of diving.Divers: USD $330 and up
Snorkelers: USD $220 and up
Minimum 8 people
Whale Shark DiveWhale sharks migrate to Belize in the Spring every year. Experienced dive guides take you to the areas where they are likely (but not guaranteed) to appear, and you can actually dive very close to these huge creatures (known to grow as long as 45 feet!). Belize protects its treasures like whale sharks, so divers and snorkelers are not allowed to touch them, but in the clear waters near the reef it is an impressive sight to see them swimming just a few feet away!Divers: USD $260 and upOnly available select dates March-June.
Some dive shops accept snorkelers.
Discover ScubaFind out if you are meant to be a diver! Or just try it once to check it off your to-do list.
You can learn what it's like to breathe underwater, without investing a lot of time in a certification course.

You'll learn some basic dive safety protocol, and then board a boat for a real dive with all the gear! Of course there will be a certified instructor with you the whole time, and you won't be able to dive more than 40 feet. It's an experience of a lifetime, or a gateway to Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver certification if you fall in love with Scuba.
USD $180 and up
Full Open Water Diver CertificationEarn your certification in 4 days$500 USD per personOther diver certification programs also available
Special Dive CertificationLet us know which certification course you would like to take, and we'll get back to you with more details and rates.Price on request
Private Fishing & Snorkeling ComboCouples, families and other small groups may enjoy a day of caye hopping for fishing and snorkeling. Your captain/guide will provide the gear you need, lunch, and entertainment for the day. Have fun and enjoy a private tour!USD $500 and up for 1-2 people
Private Fly FishingSouthern Belize is a renowned destination for saltwater fly fishing. Take a private charter with a professional guide on the popular panga style boat and try to catch the grand slam: permit, tarpon and bonefish.USD $500 for 1-2 people
Private Spin Cast / TrollingEven if you do not fly fish, you can try for some of the same famous sportfish in the area like Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish. Or use your skills to lure a Barracuda, Snook, Black Fin Tuna, Mackerel or Wahoo into your boat. Others may enjoy dropping a line in to catch lunch, including various species of Snapper and Grouper.USD $500 for 1-2 people
Nature &
Monkey RiverJoin a boat tour up the Monkey River where you’ll see – you guessed it – monkeys! The Howler Monkeys to be specific, loud as ever and can be heard from miles away. Then have a look for manatees near the mouth of the Placencia Lagoon. Lunch at a local Monkey River restaurant.USD $70 per person
Cockscomb Jaguar ReserveThese lush jungles are awaiting your exploration. A guide can take you deep into the forest, where you’ll see many species of native plants and animals as well as beautiful waterfalls and dramatic scenery.USD $110 per person (2 pax)
USD $100 per person (3-6 pax)
Minimum 2 guests
Lubaantun Maya Ruins and Maya King WaterfallVisit the Southern ruin of Lubaantun where the "crystal skull" was found. Afterward, enjoy a refreshing waterfall swim. Lunch at a local restaurant.USD $140 per person (2 pax)
USD $150 per person (3-6 pax)
Minimum 2 guests
Xunantunich and Cave TubingClimb the temples for a spectacular view at "shoo-nahn-too-nitch” located in the Cayo District. Continue on to experience the full world of the Maya as you float through the Maya underworld. Lunch at a local restaurant.
USD $175 per person (2 pax)
USD $165 per person (3-6 pax)
Minimum 2 guests
ATM CaveDiscover the lost world in the ATM cave is near San Ignacio. Hike 45 minutes into the jungle, cross three streams and passes through the 6,700 acre Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. View ceremonial vessels and other cultural artifacts left by the Maya.USD $250 per personMinimum 2 guests
History, Culture and Farming
Chocolate and Spice FarmsCombine a visit to Ixcacao Chocolate as described above with a fascinating tour of the Belize Spice Farm. Here we get our hands on cardamom, vanilla, allspice, nutmeg and black pepper plants. We touch and taste these spices and learn about their origins, uses and how they are cultivated and processed. You will never look at your spice rack in the same way again! This tour is perfect for food lovers and those with limited mobility as little walking is required.awaiting pricing
Chocolate Farm and Nim Li Punit Maya SiteAfter passing a delicious morning seeing the farm operations and observing chocolate making at Ixcacao Chocolate, we head to Nim Li Punit, a small and beautiful hilltop Maya site famous for its carved stones covered with hieroglyphs and images of gods and nobles,and explore the green grounds and views of this royal complex.awaiting pricing
Jungle and ChocolateThis full day tour begins with a hike through the tropical forest of the Cockscomb Preserve to a refreshing jungle pool and waterfall. After enjoying a dip and an educational walk back where your guide will show you some of the amazing things about our tropical forest, we head to Che’il Chocolate close by in Maya Centre village. Here we enjoy a delicious lunch and then take a short walk to the cacao farm to learn about how cacao trees are cultivated. Returning from the farm we get to make our own chocolate using traditional stone tools. While our chocolate is hardening we take a tour of the facility where Che’il Chocolate makes their bars to sell using modern machinery. We head back to Maya Beach afterwards with the chocolate we made ourselves!
awaiting pricing
Chocolate, Spice, Maya RuinsOn this full day tour you'll visit the southern Maya ruin of Lubaantun where the “Crystal Skull” was found. There are eleven structures at this ceremonial site which was inhabited between 700-900 AD. Then visit a cocoa farm and make chocolate as the Maya hand. After that, a stop at a Belizean spice farm lets you see the painstaking process of growing spice.
awaiting pricing
Xunantunich and Chocolate TourClimb the temples for a spectacular view at "shoo-nahn-too-nitch” located in the Cayo District. Stop off at Lamanai Chocolate on the Hummingbird Highway for a tour and chocolate making demonstration. Lunch at a local restaurant.awaiting pricing
Two Southern RuinsTwo Maya archeological sites in the Toledo district of Southern Belize can be visited in 1 day. Nim Li Punit is famous for the stela (tall stone pillar carvings) found on site. Lubaantun was built using unusual construction methods and is also well known for the notorious discovery of a crystal skull many decades ago. Knowledgeable guides share the true history...and the undocumented rumors...surrounding this discovery.
USD $130 per person (2 pax)
USD $120 per person (3-6 pax)
Minimum 2 guests
Xunantunich and Blue Hole National ParkAn ancient Maya site in Western Belize, Xunantunich (Stone Woman) is just 1 kilometer east of the border with Guatemala. For a long time, it was known as Belize's tallest building. It served as a Maya civic ceremonial center in the Late and Terminal Classic periods to the Belize Valley region. At this time, when the region was at its peak, nearly 200,000 people lived in Belize. After visiting these ruins, enjoy a short hike and swim in a mountain sinkhole.USD $140 per person (2 pax)
USD $130 per person (3-6 pax)
Minimum 2 guests
Spa and Massage
Contact: Naia SpaFull menu of massage treatments and other spa services, as well as yoga.Cocoplum